Don’t let our rural surrounding fool you. We offer a wide array of pet medical and surgical services, and we practice a very modern style of small animal medicine. Our Preventative Care program consists of a yearly exam in which body systems are carefully examined for abnormalities, and custom recommendations are tailored to each patient.
Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Our doctors act on your pet’s behalf to relay to you, the pet owner, those findings which warrant treatment or further evaluation. Pets are masters at hiding illness, and oftentimes important medical conditions are unmasked at the preventative care visit. We utilize a 3-year rabies vaccine schedule in order to minimize unnecessary vaccinations and risk to your pet. Instead, we focus on thorough physical examinations, detailed history taking, and internal parasite screening in order to catch and correct illness before it becomes a dangerous problem. In addition to preventative care, we diagnose and treat general health, skin, eye, and dental problems. The hospital is equipped with diagnostic equipment such as digital x-ray, ultrasound, and blood machines so a rapid diagnosis can be made.

Advanced Surgical Procedures

We offer surgical services that include orthopedic fracture repair, cruciate ligament repair (TPLO and Latellar Fabellar Technique), complicated dental extractions, tumor removal, abdominal surgery in addition to routine spay and neuter. Our surgical suite is complete with computerized anesthetic monitors, IV fluids, warming devices, gas anesthesia, and rapidly metabolized anesthetic drug protocols.

Our Dental Practice
Dentistry is critically important in pets, and we are proud to offer digital dental x-ray and we have the specialized equipment for not only routine cleaning of teeth, but for complicated surgical extractions. The dental practice is second to none in our area