Focusing on Your Horse

Spur Ridge has always maintained a strong equine focus.  We provide not only traditional veterinary services, but also a wide range of expanded services. 

Vaccination Packages

There are several options of yearly vaccination packages to choose from which include a worm egg count to assess your horse’s need for deworming.  These value packages are offered at a bundled rate.

Farrier Service & Chiropractic
The Equine Barn also utilizes an in-house farrier who is competent in both routine and therapeutic horseshoeing and trimming. Chiropractic diagnosis and adjustments are performed on site or in the field. Chiropractic evaluation can be done as part of a lameness exam or as routine maintenance. Please call with questions.
Specialized Equine Services Are Closer Than You Think
We want to be your first choice for equine care, just give us a chance to show you how serious we are about this important care. You don’t have to drive across the state for specialized equine services, and we have tons of experience.