Serving Livestock Producers

In a time when there are fewer and fewer veterinarians entering food animal practice, we have committed much of our time and resources into building a facility and practice that will help secure veterinary services for livestock producers in this area for many years to come.
We offer routine livestock services and maintain a full product selection on our shelves. But, in addition to the classics, we offer some expanded services as well. Spur Ridge has the area’s only BVD PI lab. We test every workday and can get you results in just a few hours.
Facilities and Technology
We have an indoor, heated livestock barn that is set up with a hydraulic tilt chute and an obstetrical station. Pregnancy diagnosis is done primarily with an ultrasound wand that allows for arms free use which is not only very accurate, but is safer for both cow and vet.
Comprehensive Care

Feedlot consulting is offered for both commercial feedyards and family operations. Consulting is comprehensive, tailored for your unique needs, and competitive. We also offer cow/calf record keeping and production management with the CowCalf5 computer system. Let us help you to enhance your operation and work to improve profitability. With 24-hour emergency service, you will not have a problem getting us out when you find a problem at night or on the weekend.

Proud to be Part of the Agricultural Community

We are committed to becoming a premiere facility for livestock vet service as a shortage of these practitioners continues to escalate. We respect what you do, and are proud to be a part of the agriculture community.