24 Hour Emergency Service

Spur Ridge Vet Hospital offers 24-hour emergency services for our clients. To contact us after normal business hours, please call the clinic phone number (620) 381-2100 and listen for the phone number to the doctor on-call.  Please hang up and call this doctor.  If you do not have an animal emergency, you may leave a message on the main answering machine.

Multiple Emergency Procedures

If the on-call doctor does not answer, it is possible, they are attending to another emergency. At times like this it may take the doctor longer to get back with you.  Please leave your name and phone number with the on- call doctor and wait for a return call.   If the doctor has not contacted you within 15 minutes, please call back because you may have forgotten to leave your telephone number.

Priority Handling

When several emergency calls come in at once, they will be handled in order of their priority. Emergency priority is based obviously on the severity of the medical problem; but also on the veterinary-client-patient relationship. As with most veterinary hospitals, established clients are given higher priority. We are a client-based service business and taking care of our clients is our priority.

Emergency Referrals

We also take emergency referrals from other area veterinary hospitals. Please review our Payment Options.