Grooming and Boarding


It is important to have your pet looking and feeling its best.  Not only do we strive to keep your pet healthy, but we also offer grooming and boarding services. 

Grooming Experience

Our groomer has over 20 years of experience grooming all breeds of dogs.  Debe Knight is an expert in both grooming and canine behavior.  She will first meet with you to discuss the style of cut.  Grooming consists of a haircut, bath, dry, and comb-out.  Also included is a nail trim, ear clean/pluck, and anal gland expression.  She does not use sedatives or heated dryers for grooming appointments.  One advantage to having grooming services done at Spur Ridge is that a veterinarian is available to evaluate any problems that are uncovered during the grooming appointment.  Also, routine services can be done in conjunction with grooming.

Superior Boarding Facilities

We offer night and weekend boarding for your pet.  We maintain an extremely clean and comfortable pet housing area.  Cats and dogs will stay in separate rooms.  All dogs and cats that board with us will fulfill a minimum health check list consisting of up-to-date vaccinations, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, and an internal parasite test.  This keeps your pet safe, and prevents them from returning home with a problem. Be careful, not all kennels will insist on this degree of safety for your pet.